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From Denver yard one can see both  standard gauge and of course narrow gauge 76

Yard, looking west showing narrow gauge and standard gauge


From Denver Yard one might get a  glimpse of the far away town of Dolores but it is a many hours long trip  via the narrow gauge RR to get there from here 77

Yard facilities with mountains In the background


The busy yard of Denver with a  glimpse of some of the very imposing mountainds the little narrow gauge  deals with daily 78

Yard facilities with mountains in the background


The imposing mountain range can be  seen from the Union Street Platform 74

Yard viewed from Union Street platform


Denver 7609

Yard house and bunk house


Denver yad is used to transload to  - from the standard gauge coming in from Chicago or heading back East   71

Yard, narrow gauge in front and standard gauge In back


Denver yard also trans load  passengers heading up to the mountains or returning and going back East  73

Yard looking east, passenger loading from standard gauge to narrow gauge








Denver 1.JPG