(Pictures are high resolution, give it a few minutes)


Here is a look down 1st street in  Dolores.  Always bustling 41

A Look Down 1st Street, Always Bustling


Lookin down Broadway from the other  end of town 45

Looking Down Broadway From The Other End Of Town


The Local Bank


Crossing The Tracks


The movie theater in Dolores  usually shows the latest and greatest 47

Majestic Movie Theater, Showing The Latest Movies


And the company photographer taking  some promtional shots for the advertising boys 49

Company Photographer Taking Some Promotional Shots For The Advertizing Boys


Traffic is pretty regular into and  out of town during the summer months 36

Traffic Is Pretty Regular Into Town During The Summer Months


Dolores 2.JPG

Stock Yard


Dolores 3.JPG

Wrecker In Action


Dolores 5.JPG

Post Office


Dolores 6.JPG

Another Photographer


Dolores 8.JPG



Dolores 9.JPG

Sand House


Looking East along the main of the  RGS 46

Looking East Along The Main Of The RGS


And one last view of Dolores before  heading out of town 51

Heading Out of Town From Dolores